Finish the job

We’re halfway home, but there’s work left to do.

The mandate for outcomes-based funding was adopted in the 2016 session in large part due to our Invest in Success campaign efforts. A task force comprised of the Governor’s office, House and Senate leadership, and all public university presidents spent the past year developing a model for the legislature's approval during the 2017 session. The model ties state funding to key outcomes like student success.

Now we must urge our elected officials to finish the job by leveling the playing field and adopting an outcomes-based funding model that is simple, transparent, and complete.

Outcomes-Based Funding Chart

Level the playing field

We’re halfway home, and now the state legislature must allocate the remaining $5.1M to NKU. Last year, our legislators were able to allocate half of the known funding disparity negatively impacting NKU. Fully fixing the disparity by appropriating the other $5.1M is critical before implementing an outcomes-based funding model.

We must urge the legislature to level the playing field by either:

  • Reopening the budget process and correcting the funding disparity effort that began last year; or
  • Committing to correcting the funding disparity prior to the new funding model going into effect.

The funding model

The model adopted by the legislature will be applied to 5% of our total base funding 2018, and eventually applied to larger portions of our state funding, so it is critical to get the model right. The model submitted by the working group combines the elements needed to tie funding to outcomes, like degrees awarded, student retention and focusing on high-demand programs leading to jobs upon graduation.

We must urge the legislature to adopt the outcomes-based funding model submitted by the work group because it is:

  • Simple (limited metrics that are easy to understand)
  • Transparent (publicly available)
  • Complete (applies to full state appropriation for higher ed)